Trackimo ILR®

The Trackimo Instant Location Reporter technology was implemented to satisfy the demand of today’s society for wireless location-based connectivity that replaces ineffective technologies of the past. Trackimo ILR® manages all customer profiles and call routing automatically, from pre-determined rule sets outlined by the customer. The new Trackimo ILR® is the foundation of the Trackimo’s technologies. It addresses customer’s needs for real-time updates taking into account such variables as location, the speed of travel, destination, fencing needs, etc.

Trackimo SIM®

The Trackimo SIM® is a cutting edge SIM card technology that was specifically designed to reduce roaming costs.

Trackimo m2m®

Trackimo’s m2mConnect® offers reduced usage cost and easy implementation of global wireless connectivity. Trackimo m2m® strives to provide longer battery life for devices utilizing the technology. It also significantly expands the coverage and usability of any Trackimo device, enabling wider use varieties.

The Trackimo Universal Tracker

is a compact, light-weight, and water resistant device equipped with a long lasting battery and worldwide service. It is a personal GPS/GSM tracker, which allows you to know at any given moment where your precious things and loved ones are: children, elderly parents, pets, vehicles, fleet, luggage, generators, drones or remote workers. You can view the real-time location of ANYONE ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, so you don’t have to worry anymore, whether your precious ones are safe. One of the main advantages of Trackimo is that it’s ready for use straight out of the box. All you need to do is charge it overnight and activate it the next day.

Trackimo App

Access the Trackimotm application from your desktop, iPhone or Android. While travelling with Trackimo, see all the tracking history of your adventures. The device also allows friends and family to click on a link and see where you are.

Advanced Security

Trackimo provides the real-time tracking, sending notifications based on geo-fencing, speed change, or sudden impact.

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Trackimo is a well-established US-based GPS/GSM Tracking company. All around the world we have thousands of happy customers who feel much safer with our unique devices – from South America to New Zealand all across Europe and Africa — in more than 100 countries. Enjoy real-time tracking in every part of the world with no additional costs!

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